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Frequently asked questions about your private jet flight

Which airports do you fly to?

JUMP AWAY AVIATION lets you fly between any two airports in Europe. In Europe alone, we serve around 2000 airports, including many which are rarely served by scheduled flights, if at all. A JUMP AWAY AVIATION individual charter flight can take you on any route.

How many people can you carry?

We always offer our customers the most suitable private jet for any number of passengers.

Which aircraft types do you offer?

Our range covers everything from very light four-seater jets which offer very good value for money on European routes to aircraft for intercontinental routes. Please just let us know which route you would like to fly and how many passengers you intend to have and we will advise you on the right aircraft for your flight.

How much does a private jet flight cost?

Generally, we can say that the price of a private jet flat is comparable to business class airfares on scheduled flights if all the seats are filled. We will be happy to send you a quote for the route you would like to fly. Please contact our service team. For private jet flights we generally offer our customers fixed prices with no hidden added costs.

Do I have to buy fixed blocks of flight hours?

No! JUMP AWAY AVIATION is an on-demand charter service. You only pay for the flight you booked at the best price available that day. There are no minimum charges or similar requirements.

Is it safe to fly with a private jet?

Of course – safety is our top priority. Our partner airlines have been given a licence to operate by the German Federal Aviation Authority or another national aviation authority. Their operations, maintenance and economic performance are assessed regularly. The crew and technology requirements are the same as for large scheduled airline companies. All our flights are piloted exclusively by experienced professional pilots.

Can I take a pet in the cabin with me?

This is in principle possible, but depends on the aircraft type and route.

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